We are entering a decade that has the power to make or break our collective future.

The worldwide path we’re on is one where we each take more than what deeply sustains us.

But humans can now harness the peak of our intellect, empathy, and innovation to alter this path.

This is 2020 Theory

The 2020 pandemic was the first of many disruptions to come. The way we live, work and consume will continue to transform.

2020 Theory is an invitation to reexamine and redefine our lives.

We now have the opportunity to ensure every person on earth has the freedom to be healthy and to pursue their passion.

Before year 2030, humanity will be fully connected, ecological thresholds will be surpassed, and exponential technologies will get truly “smart.”

By making specific shifts now, we can improve business and government practices to respect our time and our world.

The change starts with your mind.


There are six constructs to examine...

...so we can
our world.


The trail left by those before you may not serve your best interests. Examine your day-to-day actions accordingly — you’re capable of so much more than what tradition dictates.

GOAL: Conscious conduct.


Consider this: those who make near $40,000 or more per year are in the 1% of the world. You have a responsibility to fight for the silenced majority. Your voice has the influence to craft a more equitable world...if you speak it.



Wealth is time, not things. The way we spend, save, and make money should be thoughtfully planned so it enriches your life, not just your bank account. This starts by embracing a 4D perspective when it comes to our fiscal goals.

GOAL: Attention is the new currency.


Just like your eyesight, your perception can slowly unfocus over time without you even realizing it. So it’s time to stop and consider your inner motivations with purpose.

GOAL: Test your focus.


It’s about taking time to understand and help the physical world in our immediate vicinities. We are social creatures that need tribes (but not tribalism).

GOAL: Spatial awareness.


The modern workforce and workplace are changing. It’s crucial to be open to uncomfortable or new ideas and use the momentum of innovation to your advantage. Think about long term quality when examining your career.

GOAL: Harness your potential.

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